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Faces To Names
Inscription Stat and Cost Details Spreadsheet
New World update...coming soon!
Vlad Solo HBM J
Heroes Alter, Achievements, and HBM J
What HBM J is all about
Torch Battle Strategy (Wed and Saturday only)
Mesa 3 Strat
Cupid Giveaway Account
Top End Arena
Does Anyone Ever Win in IGG's Egg Smash?
Caixa Mod'ed/Death Box (HBM D-H, TH15-18) Base Design
Account Giveaway 5 Legends Ends 6/1
New donation requirement
D8S11 w/ Mino 4/9
9/9 PD in all his Glory
Free Succubuss Account Giveaway 4/5 Revite And GrizzlyReaper
Why wait 28 days for druid?
Post Your Line ID
Is it possible to raid more than 2 nights a week?
What Heroes does everyone have?
Using Line for communication outside of game
Here be Monsters
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